What We Do

What We Do

Hospitality Inc. is a leader in the hospitality industry, specializing in classic cocktail event planning and consulting.

We are on the forefront of the industry’s latest trends while honoring the time-honored etiquette of classic entertaining.

It is H Inc.’s mission to ensure that your guests are wowed from the moment they arrive. Our expertly styled décor and exclusive bar offerings are sure to enthrall, while warm greetings from our professional staff will envelop your guests with a sense of ease and joy.

We handpick our favorite local chefs who know how to enchant a crowd with delectable, elegantly crafted hors d’oeuvres. These chefs emphasize presentation that pairs nicely with our beautiful hand-crafted cocktails. For the final touch, our designers can transform any space into an upscale and inviting environment.

Your guests will leave with a lasting impression that they are guaranteed to talk about for quite some time. We look forward to hosting your next event in the Hospitality Inc. classic cocktail style.